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Shoe Care Guide

Men and leather almost go hand in hand. The toughness yet that timelessness is what makes leather a compliment in our wardrobes. Be it a rugged leather jacket, your leather wallet or your forever companion- a pair of delightful leather shoes; the fascination is only justified as genuine leather is timeless, long lasting and if cared for in the best way, can be traditional heirloom items.

Leather shoes are a constant companion for a gentleman and generally, every man is passionate towards items made with genuine handcrafted leather.  At,The Leather Box- compassion is one of our brand pillars which also inculcates taking care of the product which you buy spending your hard earned money. Here are some great tips to make them last for long.

  1. Wear and Wipe: Use a soft cloth to wipe your shoe after each wear. A dry soft cloth eliminates dirt, grime and stains that may come due to wear and tear.
  2. Breathable Fabric Bags and Not Plastic Bags Please: Plastic bags control ventilation so never keep your shoes in them. Always use light fabric bags to prevent dew, moisture and smelling of the leather.
  3. Shoe Tree A must: We do not wear the same shoe every day hence it is important to take care of them when not in use. A shoe tree supports the frame of the leather thereby prevent it from losing its shape and overall structure.
  4. Only hair is to be blow-dried not your shoes: Water literally follows us everywhere but when it meets your beautiful leather shoes, please refrain from using dryer and instead let them naturally dry out. Leather loses its qualities in sudden extreme heat.
  5. Overwearing, NO NO: Like the way you don’t repeat the same clothes day on day, it’s best you keep your leather shoes for every alternate day. Excess wear and tear damages the structure and no amount of care or quality can prevent that.
  6. For Suedes and Nubucks only: Going for that outdoorsy trip or flashing your suedes in the monsoons, make sure to spray a water resistant spray with silicone on them. The moisture gets locked from entering the shoe and thus saves it from getting ruined.
  7. Shoe Horn is for a reason: The Leather Box offers complimentary shoe horn with all its products. A shoe horn enables protection of the heel collar and prevents the frame getting disoriented.