The Artistic Tan Double Monkstrap

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The Artistic Tan Double Monkstrap features Two-Toned Tan Crust Leather Uppers, Tan Leather Lining and Softened Snuff finish Tunit Sole. Extra Cushioning for Comfort and long durations wear

Style Tip: The doublemonkstrap will add that perfect sharpness to your wardrobe with its versatility. Team it up with charcoal socks for a corporate setting or without socks when wearing it for a casual evening. We cannot get over on a combination of a light blue dress shirt and a navy blue dress pants with no tie which will compliment an artistic look forever. 

Material Information:

Uppers: Two Tone Tan Crust Leather

Sole: Softened Snuff Tunit

Extra Cushioning for comfort

Lining : Tan Leather Lining

Shoe Care : Use a soft cloth to dust away particles and a natural polish to make it shine.

Note: Since the shoes are totally hand-crafted at TLB, each shoe has a unique hue, polish and glaze which may differ minutely from the picture. Please read our terms & conditions before ordering.


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