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How to Wear Brogue Shoes with Jeans and look Stylish

No matter how the seasons change, brogues are always the quintessential shoes reserved for charming the socks off people. As the lines between formal and casual blur into vagueness, we turn towards one of our favourite shoe styles to create unique looks. Some may say that you need a certain kind of personality to carry off brogue shoes. We digress; brogues are versatile enough to be worn by anyone. And incidentally, they look great with jeans too. If you want an exceptionally versatile smart-casual outfit featuring your favourite jeans and brogue shoes, have a look at our style guide

  • When pairing brogues with jeans, pay attention to the cut and style of your jeans. That determines how extreme your intermingling of formal and casual elements will be. The best type of jeans to wear with brogues are slim-fit, straight leg jeans, and skinny fit jeans.
  • If you choose jeans that are too loose, or ones that fall below your ankle, you will just be giving your brogue shoes the proverbial cold shoulder. The beauty of brogue shoes is best highlighted when your ankle is exposed. Cuff or roll your denims up to achieve this look.
  • For a clean and sophisticated look, bring out your skinnies. Slim line blue jeans, when paired with classic lace up brown or tan brogue shoes make for a good couple. Throw on a loose vintage t-shirt over it and a jacket to complete the look.
  • Fancying a night out with friends? Opt for a full black on black ensemble. Throw on your straight leg black jeans, black wingtips, and a leather jacket. Roll the hems for a nice colour contrast near the ankle. If complete black is not your style, opt for a maroon pair or two-toned brogue shoes. Major style points indeed!

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